Stainless steel tank with stirrer for chocolate manufacturing.

Coelho-Gauthier boilermaking factory conducted the study, as well as the manufacture, the assembly, the pressure testing and the setting-up of the complex.
100 hl stainless steel tanks for wine storage made by Coelho-Gauthier boilermakers.
Stainless steel tanks for the storage of acid and soda for the chemical industry.
Brewing tanks with stirrer made by Coelho-Gauthier boilermaking factory for the food-processing sector.
View of the inside of a mixing tank with scraper blade stirrer.
Set of stainless steel tanks for winemaking process, made by Coelho-Gauthier boilermaking factory.
Picture of a stainless steel boiler the Coelho-Gauthier boilermaking
Founded in 1996 by Michel COELHO, the industrial boilermaking was taken over in 2012 by Jean-Luc GAUTHIER, its actual chairman.

Nowadays, the SAS Coelho-Gauthier performs mainly stainless steel boilers, tanks and reactors for the European market.
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100hl boiler capacity with stirrer for Coelho-Gauthier boilermaking

Our production capacity allows us to produce all kind of boiler with a capacity of up to 100hl with stirrer or not.

We also have our own design office in order to perform all kind of works on stainless steel.

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Our competitiveness is based mainly on expertise and experience of our staff.

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Picture showing work, skills and experience of the staff of Coelho-Gauthier Industrial Boilermaking
Coelho-Gauthier Factory (industrial boilermakink) where stainless boiler are produced. The factory Coelho-Gauthier represents 1100m² covered on a 5000m² area where 5 boilers are produced and shipped every week.

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